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Welcome to Covina High School


6/2 Last chance to get cap & gown,
senior meeting @ 8am in the gym
senior awards @ 9am

6/3 graduation practice @ 8am
Graduation Tickets passed out after practice! 

6/5 Baccalaureate,covina methodist
church @ 5pm

6/6 Senior graduation @ 6:30pm

6/7 pick up diploma in the gym 12-1pm

6/8 9am coffee, donuts, & yearbook
signing in cafeteria

6/15 Grad Night @ disneyland

Finals: 6/6-6/8

6/6: FINALS FOR 1, 3, 4
6/7: Finals for 1, 5, 6
6/8: finals for 2, 7

Have a great week!

Innovation and Technology:


That Luke Skywalker prosthetic arm may strike the average user as less than sensational
A half century ago, a young doctor took on a deadly form of cancer—and the scientific establishment
Thanks to a new Google 3D technology named Tango, mobile devices will be able to insert virtual images into a real place
Early iterations saved soldiers' lives, debunked myths about slavery and helped Americans settle the frontier
Startup Carbon Engineering has opened a prototype plant in Squamish, British Columbia, that captures carbon dioxide emissions

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